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The Winning Season

My love of movies and my unpaid involvement with them
There's no such thing as a small role, unless you're an unpaid extra.

I've always been a fan of the movies.  When my parents seperated the most consistent thing I did on my weekly visits with my father was to go to the movies.  Almost weekly we would go to the theater, more often than not it was the $2 second run theater in Scarsdale, NY but it didn't matter, as long as it was a new film to me I was happy.  And, by todays standards, my father would be considered a bad parent because I saw all the R rated films when I was way too young to do so.  Flashdancer, Police Academy and even Beaches; if he wanted to see it we went.


So when I had my first opportunity to be in a film I jumped at the opportunity.  It was for Howard Stern's Private Parts.  I was a regular listener at that time and they put out a cattle call for the big crowd scene featuring AC/DC.    I was there for 14 hours, I pushed my way all the way up to the stage right by the Whack Pack, I had the time of my life and I was hooked.


Then I discovered the website Be in a Movie, a site where you agree to be an unpaid extra in movies in exchange for an occasional raffle and a free meal.  The first film I was in was the film The Winning Season, a "Bad News Bears" type film starring Sam Rockwell as a gilrs basketball team manager.  They were filming up near me in the Bronx at Cardinal Spellman High School over 3 nights and I was there for every night.  I also discovered that the more clothes in different colors you brought with yourself the more they used you.  And I got used well.  In the last 20 mintutes of the movie you see me in 8 different scenes (including 1 scene where if you pay attention you can see me cheering for both teams)  In the above trailer you can see me at both the !:02 and 1:22 points.

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