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     I am the aforementioned Gary O.  It may be presumptuous of me to say “It’s Gary O”, like I’m the only one worth giving a damn about, but I’ve lived a life that I believe I am the definitive Gary O!


(Also someone beat me to so I had to scramble for a good idea and I liked the sound of it)


     But why should you care that I am THE Gary O?  What right do I have to lay claim to it?  Well, I’ve done a lot in my life.  I’ve hosted my own podcast for over 5 ½ years, Average Intelligence, that in that time had over 300,000 listens.  I’ve been an extra in 4 major motion pictures.  I’ve been a regular guest on international satellite radio shows.  I’ve been a field correspondent for a now defunct third tier basic digital cable television network.  I’m a producer of a web series dedicated to the fan girls of the world.  And I’ve even hosted & produced two burlesque shows in New York City which is an accomplishment in itself.  If there is another Gary O out there who thinks they can step up to what I’ve done in my life, you’re welcome to challenge me for the crown.  Maybe I’ll even feature you on here at some point.


     So why start  Well, I’ve already listed off a lot of things I’ve already done in my life, with more and more being added to that list almost daily.  Think of this site as my cyber trophy case.  A place that I can present my accomplishments and brag about myself a little bit.  And also have one destination where I can direct people so they can bask in the awesome that is me.

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