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The inspiration for FangirlTV came from a simple place.  My friend Brandon was one of the people in charge of the New York Pinup Club, a group that pools their resources amongst its members to hire models, rent studio space and all of the necessary gear so everyone can have the experience without breaking the bank.  In connection with this, Brandon also ran burlesque shows in New York City.


Something you discover being around burlesque performers is that some of them are giant nerds who pull inspiration from their favorite pop culture passions for their acts.  We then held our first shows, a hybrid of a traditional burlesque show of nerd routines and then paired it with a panel discussion where the performers and other geeks got to discuss topics connected to the performances.


With any good idea it snowballed into so much more.  We have spun the initial idea into covering major pop culture events.  We have now covered multiple New York Toy Fairs, multiple Star Wars Celebrations, New York Comic Con and the Steampunk World’s Fair.  We have both our video interviews but also on our Instagram we chronicle amazing cosplayers and interesting exhibitors.


FangirlTV is Dedicated to Fangirls, the things they love and the people who love both. 

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