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I first met my friend Nate when I worked a seasonal holiday position at the world’s largest toy store that happens to be in Times Square in 2002.  We connected because of our love of almost everything pop culture and the fact that we were both pudgy white guys with facial hair and probable eastern European roots.  When I returned for a full time position a few years later, Nate was still there.  Now having more time to speak as the Holiday rush was over, we started having really long conversations and developed creative aspirations.


Being a fan of podcasts I figured this was a great way to express those creative yearnings at the same time as forcing the world to pay attention to our opinions on summer movies, most iconic superhero and which food substance would be the best to cliff dive into.  Along the way we had some really awesome guests like our epic episode focused on Steampunk, our O’nell Designs Non-con panels and even the president of the United States Curling Association during the 2010 Winter Olympics.


The show has been on a break for a year, but I am getting the hankering to start it up again.  I’m not sure what it will be going forward, but if you want to see what it was in the past you can both stream episodes on Blogtalk radio, or download episodes from iTunes.

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