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G4TV Viewer Army - New York Toy Fair.

That time Twitter made me a television personality.
How Todd McFarLane and I became best buddies.

It's really amazing how the internet can connect you to unique opportunities.  One day I was watching G4TV's Attack of the Show and they were requesting people submit videos to become their correspondent at New York Toy Fair.  I ran out to my living room, shot a video in front of my collection and sent it in.  I was chosen (honestly think I was the only person to apply).  They shipped me all of the equipment and sent me on my way.  It was an awesome experience and I know I shot way too much video but I was going to milk it for all it was worth.  So much so that I even submitted it to IMDB and have a credit on there. 


Side note:  I was supposed to interview Todd McFarlane for 5 minutes.  I ended up interviewing him for over 20, worked in a comedic reference to 9/11 and had him hug me.  Once I find the video I'll post it here.

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