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Hosp on the Ron & Fez show

How I became the "gay Sean Connery"
Who knew kidnapping a ventriliquist dummy would change my life?

Way back in the last millennium, before anyone ever heard of a podcast, I was a fan of something called “hot talk” on something called “terrestrial radio”.  One of the shows I listened to the most was the Ron & Fez show.  They were amazingly entertaining with discussion topics like “How many 5th graders can you beat in a fight?”  And they were always really welcoming of their fans, having regular people up in the studio all of the time and even weekly hangs at Bar 9. 


At one of these events I kidnapped their producer East Side Dave’s ventriloquist puppet named Roberto and held it for the ransom of performing a bit with a payoff.  Dave spent a week embarrassing himself never completing a single task, not even a Power Hour drinking contest.  In frustration at his situation he claimed I sounded like a gay Sean Connery, and then did an awful impression saying stereotypical homophobic things that became hugely popular.  This went on for a couple of years until Dave left the show.  It was an interesting time in my life, the Ron & Fez show is gone and now Ron Bennington is hosting a show with his daughter on SiriusXM Rawdog Comedy Hits Channel 99.

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